Green Products B.V. specialises in the production of paper pots – Greenplugs - with diameters from 13 to 28 mm. Our Greenplugs consist of a sowing or cutting medium contained in a fully biodegradable pot that allows easy root penetration. Seeds and young plants develop rapidly in the RHP-certified substrates of the highest quality. Green Products works with advanced technology borrowed from the tobacco industry that guarantees perfect, homogeneously filled plugs that retain their shape. This makes them particularly suitable for efficient automated processing.

Our Greenplugs are available in a standard range of diameters of 13, 18, 20, 22, 25 and 28 mm. Their lengths may vary from 22 mm to 120 mm, depending on the diameter.

Plug mesh
The fully biodegradable plug mesh has an open structure allowing easy root penetration. We have meshes with different degradation periods:
-high-rate degradation: about 1 month – for raising bedding plants;
-medium-rate degradation: 2 to 6 months – for raising cut flowers and pot plants;
-low-rate degradation:  longer than 6 months – for arboriculture and forestry.

Green Products will gladly advise you about the most suitable tray for your specific crop, intended plant density and other considerations. Our production lines can fill almost any type of tray.
We always have several tray types in stock. Customers can also provide trays themselves and we can refill cleaned reusable trays.


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